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Welcome to our new online store. Enter quantities of products you would like below and enter address information. You will be taken to PayPal to complete your order using the credit card of your choice or your PayPal account. Please note that all Spectrum Movie Passes and Snack Bucks are not returnable or refundable. Also, please note: Blue and Green Gift Passes may not be redeemed for 3D Presentations.

Movie Posters

Like a poster of your favorite movie? You can order most posters for $15. Stop by the box office with your request or call 518-449-1192.

10 Ticket Subscription Cards

10 Ticket Subscription CardThe Spectrum offers the movie-lover discount pricing with this 10-ticket subscription card, saving you $1.75 per admission. The cards are valid for all shows, except No Pass Engagements, and have no expiration dates.

10 Ticket Subscription Card
($77.50 each +$2.00 S/H)



Individual Movie Pass

Single Pass


Individual Movie Pass
($9.50 each +$0.50 S/H)




Senior Movie Pass

Single Pass


Senior Movie Pass
($7.75 each +$0.50 S/H)



Snack Bucks

Single Pass


Snack Bucks Concession Voucher
($2.00 each +$0.50 S/H)



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